41st International Fur Fair of Kastoria - Participation Terms & new favourable prices

Dear Exhibitors,
We would like to inform you that the 41st International Fur Fair of Kastoria will be held on  5 - 8 May 2016, at the International Exhibition Center of Kastoria.

Participation Terms :

- The price list is formed to 55 € and 65 €, according to the location of the stand, which is offered to the members of the Kastorian Fur Association as well. The enrolment starts on Monday, 9th of November 2015. 
- There will be available 14 constructed stands of 20 m2  which will be allocated to the Exhibitors at the privileged price of 1.500 €, in priority. 

At 3 new designers and 3 new companies that are operating from 2013, there will be allocated free constructed stands of 20 m2 ( If there will be interest from more designers / companies, there will be a lottery). The submission of the Application Form should be made till 6-11-2015.

- Participation with a desk 1.200 (for trade publications, e.t.c). 

- Registration Fee 150 €.

- Minimun of Participation 40 m2. (the 14 stands of 20 m2 are excluded).

Payment Terms :

For the validity of participation, together with the Application Form the Exhibitor should deposit at the Bank account the 40% of the amount that equals to his participation and the Registration Fee.
The remaining amount should be settled as follows : 

1) 30% till 18-12-2015.
2) 30% till 18-3-2016.

For the constructed stands of 20 m2 the payment should be settled upon the enrolment at the International Fur Fair of Kastoria. 

Furthermore, we would like to announce you that from the 41st International Fur Fair of Kastoria we will create an Exhibitors’ Registry Book that will be in use from the next event that will be organized by our Association. 

It’s about  a new, transparent and integrity way about the allocation of the stands to the Exhibitors 

 and specifically : 

Every company will get 100 points regarding the participation and 1 point for each m2 of the stand. According to these points for every Event organized by the Kastorian Fur Association the privileged stands will be allocated to the Exhibitors who will have the biggest number of points and so on. 

In this way, we want to reward the Exhibitors who support our Exhibition in practice, as well as all the future events of the Association, such as : 

 The « Fashion Week » that we schedule for autumn of 2016

and the  “15 days  discount – offer Fur Festival” that we schedule for 
January of 2017. 

                                              From the Administration Board 

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