The International Fur Fair of Kastoria is a great event not only for Kastoria, the primary source of fur in our country, but also for Greece as a country, visited by interested buyers from all over the world.

Every year, the interest of traders and visitors from around the world grows, as, apart from their obvious know-how, the furriers of Kastoria and Siatista follow the latest fashion trends in fur, leather, and, in collaboration with famous designers, present the best that the fur market has to show.

For another year, furriers of Kastoria and Siatista treated the public to unique creations of unparalleled taste and style.

Collections inspired by the eclectic finesse and style that befits the valuable fur materials captured the heart of a demanding public, proving that elegance and good taste are inextricably linked with high quality and style.

Creative designs, innovations in seams and a combination of classic and modern elements set the tone for established collections, classified in the demanding level of high fashion.

Exquisite coats, jackets and accessories of mink and fox fur, zibeline, chinchilla and more, made with astonishing technique, presented by Ms. Maria Stamateris and various top models, showed the new fashion trends to the numerous guests.

The Fashion Gala held on the opening day - May 7 2009 - at 21:00 in a hall of the LIMNEON RESORT & SPA Hotel, presented a series of glamorous collections. A Cocktail Party for select guests was organised after the demonstration. The following businesses participated in the Gala: BY LAZAROS, FINEZZA FURS BY M.P.G, KALLISTHENIS IRAKLIS, IMPERIAL FURS AND LEATHER, LUXOR, MANZARI INTERNATIONAL, N. KATSOGIANNIS & CO, PANIDIS BROS, SARIGIANNIS FUR FASHION, VERSAVI, VLACHOU BROS.

The innovative designs, refined design concept and modern fur processing techniques fully met the high expectations of traders and buyers.

Opening the Gala, the President of the Kastoria Furriers’ Association (KFA), Mr. Iraklis Kallisthenis thanked the sponsors who helped to organize the exhibition and promised that the 35th International Fur Fair, in cooperation with the municipality, the Chamber and the E.DI.KA, would cater for even more exhibitors, in a larger exhibition center, with an added capacity of more than four thousand square meters, in an area that can meet the demands of the furriers’ art and their products, as the 34th IFFK proved that the existing exhibition center is not sufficient to meet the needs of the exhibition.

Finally, he thanked the exhibitors who, despite the economic crisis, attended and promoted this year’s exhibition.

The Fur Forum was held Saturday 9 May 2009 by the KFA “Prophet Elias” in cooperation with the Greek Fur Center. The speaker, Mrs Aspasia Vlachvei, Associate Professor of the TEI of Western Macedonia, said, inter alia: “Production of fur skin in West. Macedonia covers a large part of world supply (12%) and provides 30% of fur products.

The range of countries where this production is channelled extends across most of the world: America, the European Union, Japan, China and, of course, Russia.

It is estimated that the foreign exchange from exports amounts to 50 million dollars a year”.

In the same Forum, Mr Konstantinos Karantininis, Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Copenhagen, spoke on the organization of the fur skin production chain. Mr Anthony Kioukas presented a platform for the promotion of Greek fashion and Mr Christos Kafasis, CEO of the Hellenic Fur Center, analyzed Innovation as a Development Tool for Fur Processing Enterprises and the use of the EUREKA research programs.

The Fur Exhibition also hosted the usual exhibitors’ design competition, with two categories: best design and modern style. The first prize was won by the company VLACHAVAS KONSTANTINE & SON,which came first in both categories. The award was given by the President of the Kastoria Furriers’ Association Mr Iraklis Kallisthenis. The second prize in both categories was won by the companyKONSTANTINOU ATHANASIOS, awarded again by Mr. Kallisthenis. Third in both categories was the company KALLISTHENIS IRAKLIS, which was awarded by the General Secretary of the KFA, Mr. Fedon Giatas.

The KFA President, Mr Iraklis Kallisthenis and its General Secretary, Mr. Fedon Giatas, made the following statements during the event:

“According to data available from the questionnaires distributed during our survey of the exhibitors’ stands, the 34th IFFK is particularly successful. A large number of visitors have come from Russia. All foreign visitors and all politicians who have visited the IFFK so far expressed a positive impression”, said Mr. Kallisthenis, summarising the results of this year’s event at a press conference.

“For the KFA, the aim of this year’s event was to break the record of previous exhibitions”, said Mr. Giatas.

In total, 131 exhibitors participated in the exhibition. According to the report on the first three days of the event, it received 5,400 visitors, of which 458 were foreign and 521 Greek trade visitors. A total of 979 trade visitors visited the stands, which occupied 7,750 square meters of exhibition space.

During the first three days, 857 fur products and 16,250 leather products were sold.

Even today our fellow citizens congratulate us for the organization of the exhibition and most exhibitors expressed their interest to participate in our next event.

The next, 35th, International Fur Fair of Kastoria will be held from 6 to 9 May 2010.

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