A fur is not just a 'must' - it's art
Though in previous years, fashion designers were reticent about using fur in their creations, fur has been making a dynamic comeback recently and there seem to be no inhibitions about it any more. 
On famous catwalks abroad, fur is redefining its position and taking a leading role as it becomes an essential, thanks to its sophisticated designs and innovative processing methods.
New fur creations impressed and drew applause from the audience at the Gala Fashion Show held by the Kastorian Fur Association on 4 May 2012 in Kastoria, Greece. 
Fur was used as an expensive fabric to create a variety of designs. It made its appearance in a formal evening gown, in a coat, in jackets and anoraks, and in accessories. A total of 15 companies, a representative sample of the 160 companies taking part in the 37th International Fur Fair of Kastoria, which featured the gala, showcased their creations and new trends, highlighting the beauty of fur through a journey around the world – from Kastoria to Milan, New York, Moscow, Dubai, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Beijing and Hong Kong, all of which constitute the world's major fur markets.
The art of Kastorian furriers has always combined history with innovation, elements which for years have made it known in all corners of the world. Each of the collections presented was an expression of a collective form of creation and deep cultural roots.
Those attending were able to enjoy a multi-faceted, creative, realistic and fast-paced event in the name of fashion.  It was a fashion show equal to those seen abroad.
It proved that a woman wearing a fur coat, whether it is to just below the waist, or a three-quarter length, or even an ankle-length coat, is dynamic and sexy – a true Diva – as the flowing creations in contrasting processing and design brought to life the sketches of the designers who created them.
                                        Τhe dream life of divas
Fur was in plentiful supply in all of its forms on the evening of the show. Mink, chinchilla, astrakhan and sable, in combination with leather, fabric and lace, were featured through the creations of designers of the 15 companies that took part: Di Cara – Karatzas S.A., Alexis Vassos, Orestias S.A., Apostolou Athanasios - Lady Furs, Matsoko Furs, Imperia Furs & Leather, Papadopoulos Bros, Konstantinos Mousios & SIA, Erton Group – P. Kostopoulos Co.,  Konstantinou Athanasios & Son Furs - Swakara, Dios Furs, Mr. Furs by Makis Roussoulis S.A., Alessandro Bosso, Veletzas N. Bros. and Versavi Furs. 
Kicking off the show was a team of students studying fashion at the Central Ostobothnia University of Applied Sciences in Finland (Centria), where studies focus primarily on fur. The fur designs presented by the team were youthful and unique, putting fur fashion on a level with haute couture.
NAFA as the Gala Sponsor of the 37th International Fur Fair of Kastoria presented in the show eight pieces seen on foreign runways under the signature of famous fashion designers who work with fur as with any other material. 
But fur is not just for the fashion runways. The pieces on show are fashion products that can be worn in a woman's everyday life. Fur fashion has always been and will continue to be simple and affordable, while at the same time a sophisticated and high-quality luxury item. It can be updated each year to follow fashion trends while remaining timeless.    
In recent years, a pioneering design competition has been held as part of the International Fur Fair of Kastoria. Each year, a number of exhibitors submit their best piece which is then displayed in a specially designed space to be viewed by attending trade representatives. They make the final selection by electronically voting for the piece they liked best so that the competition remains impartial. 
   Prizes were awarded to exhibitors taking part for best design, modern styling and best stand.    
The awards for best design were presented to: 
             3rd - ORESTIAS S.A. 
The awards for modern styling were presented to:
    The 2nd place prize was shared between ALESSANDRO BOSSO & VASSOU-PAPADAMOU  
    3rd - ORESTIAS S.A.
The awards for the best stand were presented to: 

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