The heart of Fur is beating in Kastoria

The 33rd   International Fur Fair of Kastoria is ready to open the gates and to receive tradesmen and the public. One more year, for four days, Kastoria will be the center of an international attention in the sphere of Fur with new overtures which characterize a new season.

The Kastorian Fur Association’s aim is – the organization of this year to be a former of data in sphere of Fur and Leader for the winter of 2008-2009.

The International Fur Fair of Kastoria this year also covered the disposable space of the Exhibition-Auction Center of Fur of Kastoria. To satisfy the requirements of exposures, thefashion show hall of the Exh. Center is called forth, to satisfy the requirements of exposures. All told 6.136 m2 are covered this year. Regarding the participation, the number of exposures was beyond all our expectation. The great advertisement which was done previously, was instrumental on the increase in exposures. They are about 120. There are exposures from Greece, Czech Rep. , Poland, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Spain andCanada. Also we are waiting for 25 enterprises from Greece and abroad, specifically fromDubai, Pakistan, Germany, USA and Ukraine. Also commercial visitors from the most important international commercial centers are expected from Russia, Ukraine, China,Germany, Japan, USA, Slovenia, and Baltic countries. Likewise invitations were given to all trade missions of HEPO by the help of Kastorian Chamber.  The arrivals of commercial Attaches of foreign embassies, representatives of ministries of foreign countries   and individualities of stardom are expected.  Mr. Ioannis Papathanasiou the undersecretary of Finance will represent the Prime minister and the government of Greece, during his visit on Saturday 10.05.2008.

A very interesting event is expected to be the Gala-Fashion Show   7th    of May which will  take place for the first time on  an open area at the Nautical Sport Center, on the entrance of the town, near the lake. It will associate the beauty of the nature, the fur technique and the participation of models of Greek show biz.  The administration of Kastorian Fur Association invites all of you to enjoy everything which is been organized and to see new overtures in Fur   fashion, from 7th till 10th of May.

This year also Kastoria will worthily represent the title of productive center of Fur and Leader and the unique technique, and by this Kastoria is well-known all over the world.

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