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"Who ARE you?

"Who ARE you? 

When I was a little boy, I watched my Father working.

He was drawing geometric patterns with a wedge of white tailors chalk, on a folded piece of cloth, laid out flat upon his work table.

He then cut these patterns out and sewed them together with a needle and white thread.

Within a short time he produced a wonderful form and when the local baker came for his fitting, I saw true magic happen before my very eyes!

37th International Fur Fair, a commercial success and more!

During this year's four days International fur fair of Kastoria, a total of 4.550 visitors from 36 countries visited the exhibition, 1135 of those being commercial visitors and 531 coming directly from Russia. That is a 10% visitor increase compared to last year's 36th fair in 2011.


A fur is not just a 'must' - it's art
Though in previous years, fashion designers were reticent about using fur in their creations, fur has been making a dynamic comeback recently and there seem to be no inhibitions about it any more. 
On famous catwalks abroad, fur is redefining its position and taking a leading role as it becomes an essential, thanks to its sophisticated designs and innovative processing methods.

Welcome to the 37th International Fur Fair of Kastoria

Dear Visitor, 

We would be happy to welcome you to the 37th International Fur Fair of Kastoria, where the 160 Exhibitors will present their new collections for 2012, created from the best quality skins and in the most favorable prices, as formed from the skins prices of the four biggest auction houses worldwide. 

The Administration Board of the Kastorian Fur Association

Ελληνική Ομοσπονδία Γουνας

Konstantinou Furs