39th International Fur Fair of Kastoria - Press Release

“Where fur becomes a myth”

However much time passes, some things remain unchanged … From primitive Europe, magical Asia and aristocratic Russia, fur, through the passage of time, has undoubtedly been transmuted into a myth. It is something that will forever make us think of warmth and luxury.
Following last year’s highly successful 38th International Fur Fair of Kastoria, this year the myth returns, with a multicultural theme illustrating the civilizations of nations all across the globe. 
For all their differences, the nations of the world have certain things in common, such as a need for and passionate appreciation of fur.
Once again, Kastoria will be at the centre of the world fur trade, an arena for the development of commercial ties and relations, and the coming together of markets from all corners of the world.
From Russia and China to Canada and Europe – all so different, and yet all so similar.
The coming together of markets will be achieved through identification of cultures, ‘where fur becomes a myth…’, and the myth will be explored in all its aspects at this year’s 39th International Fur Fair of Kastoria.
With its huge variety of goods, and the trade mark experience, inspiration and creativity of the furriers of Kastoria, this will be the meeting point for fur dealers from all over the world. Fur, the material loved as no other throughout history and in the front line of fashion today, will be presented in all its mythical splendour.
We invite you to rediscover the world of fur, at the 39th International Fur Fair of Kastoria, to be held from 2-5 May 2014.
            More information about our Fair and the Exhibitors’ list are available at our new web-site www.furfairkastoria.com 
MOTION MIXER visual perception is responsible for concept development, design and implementation of the advertising campaign.
                                                                    FROM THE ADMINISTRATION BOARD

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