The 33rd International Fur Fair of Kastoria raises the curtain

Wednesday 7th to Saturday 10th of May

 in the town of Kastoria the most festive lights are coming on for the most glamorous event in the sphere of Fur. 

The 33rd

 International Fur Fair of Kastoria 

concentrates world-wide attention 

to the meritorious Greek metropolis, of Fur elaborating. Within the framework of the Exhibition, the perfect show of exposures, will give an opportunity to a professionals in the sphere of Fur, leather, modern design and fashion to represent new overtures, commercial progress and Fur fashion innovations, such as they will have an opportunity to meet professionals from the whole world, promoting by it the international commercial dealings.

According to all elements that the organizer vehicle- 

Kastorian Fur Association- 

has at its disposal,  the 

33rd International Fur Fair

 is expected be an exhibition with the presence of more participants-exposures and trades people, because Kastoria  is already among the first trinity of big Fur and Leather centers, which are recognized all over the world. The great advertisement in Europe, US, Russia and Asia by special communicative campaigns in a well-known magazines, and also direct TV-show by LUXE TV were instrumental on it. A special effective 

Gala- Fur Fashion Show 

which will take place at the first time on an open area, associating the natural beauty of  Kastoria with the unique design and high quality of Furs, on Wednesday, 7th of May at 21:00, at the Nautical Sport Center.  Well-known Greek Furriers and Designers will show their overture on fur and leather. And it will comprise a “horse” for a really successful –commercial Exhibition.

One more year, Fur products win priority all over the world in fashion with quality and beauty. So we ask you to visit the 

33rd International Fur Fair of Kastoria 

from the 7thuntil 10th of May,

 which will take place in the Exhibition-Auction Center in Kastoria.           










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