All welcome the 32nd International Fur Fair of Kastoria, 

from 6 till 9 March 2007, in Greece.


Kastoria has literally gone further, by 100% increasing its exhibitors

in the last organisation of May 2006.

The New Management is the main responsible for the magnificent results of the 31st Greek fair organization, doubling its exhibitors.

Nothing comes out of luck. A great preparation and a very consistent profile of communication brought the result that made the 31st International Fur Fair of Kastoria the most successful ever. From 5 till 7 of May 2006, Kastoria welcomed 2.317 trade members from 33 countries and 110 exhibitors, literally doubling the number of the Fair or 2005 that hosted 52 firms. The new management of the Kastorian Fur Association
The Prophet Elias
carried out a historically magnificent organization and massive promotion that made the Greek event the biggest challenge. The same challenge that intrigued leading designers, dealers and representatives of the fur trade to come from the major areas of Europe, America and Asia.

Thus, the prestige of the Kastoria event was highly increased along with its standing which was raised above other international shows in the sector, offering unique and extremely profitable opportunities for business and contacts. That is why 2006 was the year for Kastoria to earn its place among the best foreign events, such as those of Hong Kong, Milan, Frankfurt and Paris, and re-define its role as capital of leather and main center for production and manufacture of furs.

            However, these results came to the open by the contribution of the leading trade papers and auction houses of Europe and America. In addition, the Kastoria Fair enjoyed the advantage of the presence of important representatives of the government and local councils, as well as those of embassies and ministries from all over Europe, America and Asia. No need to mention that VIPs from the Greek political, social and artistic world were also present, along with the glamorous and famous Greek and international top models, who participated to the Fur Fashion shows. The Fur Fashion Show, organized by Saga Furs, featured fur beauties on creations from famous designers and producers as Anabella Furs Trading LLC, Avanti Furs, Caviel Furs, Cosmopel, Egogroup SA, Europel, Finezza Furs, Koustas Sa, Mantziari Avee, P.T. Quality Furs (Papatzimos – Tsiouchadaris), Sarigiannis Lazaros, Vito Ponti, Vlachavas Konstantine and Vlachos N. Bros.

            Aiming to continue the success, the Kastorian Fur Association
The Prophet Elias
vividly prepares to welcome and host members of the trade 

from 6th to 9th of March 2007

. Within a new and more extrovert way of communication, the Kastorian Fur Association
The Prophet Elias
is planning to materialize a huge campaign in Europe, Turkey, Russia and Greece, for the first time in its history, in a way that will bring the Kastorian tradition to the first place of the universal commercial exchanges. With a big promoting program on the FASHION TV, the Greek Fur Event will be the top issue “on air” for more than 30 countries in the three continents of Europe, Asia andAmerica - USA. It is more than sure that this is just the beginning of a tremendous effort to spread the Kastorian fur all over the world.


The fur manufacturing process in Kastoria has a very successful historical route for about 700 years, from the 13th century where it is estimated that the leather and fur manufacturing began. Today, the domain of fur is progressing because it respects the ecological system and satisfies all the requisite standards, according to the international laws for the administration of the ecosystem. The fee stock comes from special breeding grounds while every fur is an exceptional masterpiece of quality and technique. The old secrets of the art, the traditional way of manufacturing as well as the contemporary evolution that comes to complete the tradition rewards today Kastoria with international excellence.


The International Fur Fairs in Kastoria, which take place every year, began for this exact reason: to advertise and promote outside Greece a full designing and productive art and a special vocational technique, which stays alive for many centuries.


          From 6 till 9 of March 2007, the 32nd International Fur Fair of Kastoria will again reach the peak of the organizations so far and continue the new glamorous period for the Greek Fur Trade and Promotion worldwide.

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