The legend of fur begins in Kastoria

This year, history starts from the beginning...
Fur is enjoying a renaissance in total harmony with the modern woman who selects it. Luxury and necessity. 
New facilities, new definition. 
The legendary reputation of Kastoria fur is affirmed, as manifested through the high quality and flawless selection of materials, in combination with the latest word in fashion and the incomparable artistry of the Kastorian furriers. 
The beautiful town of Kastoria is ready to welcome you to the ultimate fashion event. Where modern meets classic and eccentric meets minimal as they unite in perfect harmony to cater for all tastes.
It is the perfect place for creativity to join forces with opportunity. An innovative redefinition of a garment beloved like no other - and always full of surprises.
We invite you to the 38th International Fur Fair of Kastoria, to be held 9 to 12 May 2013, and leave it up to you to discover the rest from the beginning...
The advertising campaign concept, design and implementation is signed by MOTION MIXER Visual Perception.

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