Kastoria International Fur Fair is been organized for 42 consecutive years in the city of Kastoria.

The first Exhibition was inaugurated on 22/5/1976 in the Cultural Center of Kastoria, whereas exhibits were presented in 3 other halls of the Fur Club housed in the offices of the Kastorian Fur Association (1, Valala Str. - Omonia square). The same locations were used also for the 2nd Kastoria International Fur Fair held in 1977.

    From the 3rd Kastoria International Fur Exhibition in 1978 until the 15th Kastoria International Fur Exhibition in 1990, the location changes and is moved to "KASTRA" mansion of ETVA in "Fourka", near Maniaki Area. (the first fair grounds of E.DI.KA S.A.)

    From 1991 until 2012 (16th Kastoria International Fur Fair - 37th Kastoria International Fur Fair) the fair grounds of E.DI.KA S.A in Chloe area are used for the needs of the Exhibition.

    In 2013 a new, modern Exhibition Center of a total surface of 13.000 m2 is being constructed, in property of the Kastorian Fur Association, in the Industrial Area of Kastoria, due to the increased demand for participation of exhibitors and the Exhibition has now been transferred to a single exhibition area of​ European Standards.

    The 42nd Kastoria International Fur Exhibition that will be held from 4 until 7 May 2017, acting on the basis of the strategy “think globally, act locally” or else act and thing glocally” will present changes in order to be in line with the fashion style imposed by the new trends internationally. Both it’s name and the Brand Name of the Exhibition have changed, which is now the leader for other actions programmed by the new Administration Board of the Kastorian Fur Association and which well represents the entire fur history, the glamor that has offered all these years but also generally our region, emphasizing in its place of origin.

Therefore, by following Kastoria International Fur Fair and the Kastorian Fur Association the strategy of “Glocalisation”, not only withstood the international competition, (while other Fairs closed), but was established in the minds of the buyers internationally, as a high-quality Fair, offering pleasant shopping, providing direct services and focusing on the customer’s satisfaction.

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